Welcome to The Collaborative City

a new way of networking independent consultants in the planning, design and regeneration of the lived environment

The Collaborative City is not a consultancy in the traditional sense.

We provide a platform for independent professionals and small practices to collaborate.

Collaborative City brings together professionals in regeneration, master-planning, architecture, landscape and public realm design, transport planning, social value, cultural development and development planning – and our network is growing.

Our independent consultants offer unique experience and specialist expertise.

By working together, we strengthen our offer, widen our range of services and share ideas.

For our clients the benefits are:

  • Teams tailored for each project.
  • Extending existing relationships with a trusted consultant for larger or more complex projects.
  • Work with professionals who are invested in their reputation.
  • Seasoned experts able to provide high-level advice.
  • Working arrangements and contracts to suite project requirements.

Our Services

Urban Development: Planning and Design

Planning and design from strategic guidance through to planning permission. Our team can assist at all stages and scales of development. Our work with local communities has resulted in places that work for the people that live there, making them more popular, safer and well cared for. read more.

Community Development, Healthy Places and Social Value.

Unique expertise in investing in communities and enhancing citizens’ quality of life. We can help make places that foster innovation and where people can lead healthier and happier lives. read more.

Transport Planning, Engineering and Public Realm

We can advise on the infrastructure that makes places work. From highways, sustainable and active movement to streets and public spaces that prioritise pedestrians and contribute to urban vitality. read more.


Design of buildings that inspire and delight. We can breath life into your planning and development vision and make it a reality. read more.

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