Welcome to The Collaborative City, a new way of networking independent consultants in the planning, design and regeneration of the lived environment.

The Collaborative City is not a consultancy in the traditional sense. We provide a platform for independent professionals and small practices to collaborate.

Collaborative City brings together professionals in regeneration, master-planning, architecture, landscape and public realm design, transport planning, social value, cultural development and development planning – and our network is growing.

Our independent consultants offer unique experience and specialist expertise. By working together, we strengthen our offer, widening our range of services and sharing ideas.

For our clients the benefits are:

  • Teams tailored for each project.
  • Extending existing relationships with a trusted consultant for larger or more complex projects.
  • Work with professionals who are invested in their reputation.
  • Seasoned experts able to provide high-level advice.
  • Working arrangements and contracts to suite project requirements.

Our Services

Urban Development: Planning, Design

Community Development, Healthy Places and Social Value.

Transport Engineering and Public Realm

Let’s build something together.

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