The Salutogenic City Sketchbook

The Salutogenic City Sketchbook links the growing array of good practice guidance to those looking for inspiring ideas to enrich their work. It is aimed at all who want to deliver healthier homes and places: designers along with decision-makers across public and private sectors.

Our cities and communities are facing an avalanche of health problems that pre-date the Coronavirus pandemic. Our communities are facing chronic health challenges but with reducing health care and social care resources. The pandemic has changed life for us all and the world we inhabit will be very different. A perfect storm of a global pandemic alongside pre-existing economic and political disruption, climate change and increasing senior population presents considerable challenges to everyone involved in the design of our lived environment.

This user-friendly publication reveals valuable insights and offers cameo ideas to heal and ameliorate our homes and public realm. These ideas can be retrofit or new build and can work in an historic city or a new settlement.

We hope to inspire designers and decision-makers, to enrich design and inform policy. Ultimately, we hope that others will invent and share their own ideas for healthier places.

It is the authors’ intention that this Sketchbook will develop into a series of booklets providing a full and comprehensive set of user-friendly design prompts, underpinned by evidence-based research and lessons learnt.

In the spirit of ‘Open-Source’ information, we urge everyone to steal or borrow our ideas and mash them into new ones – Please share widely.

If you would like to submit ideas for consideration for Volume II, please e-mail me at for instructions.

The first edition is still available on free download from:


Marcus is an award-winning, international architect and town planner, specialising in creating liveable neighbourhoods and with over 30 years’ experience in a range of building and planning projects. As a leading figure in the UK’s urban design movement, Marcus has been at the forefront of changing the way we plan and build towns and cities. His work with local communities has resulted in places that work for the people that live there, making them more popular, safer and well cared for.

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