Marcus Wilshere

Marcus is an award-winning, international architect and town planner, specialising in creating liveable neighbourhoods and with over 30 years’ experience in a range of building and planning projects. As a leading figure in the UK’s urban design movement, Marcus has been at the forefront of changing the way we plan and build towns and cities. His work with local communities has resulted in places that work for the people that live there, making them more popular, safer and well cared for.

Marcus has advised national and city governments and worked on projects in India, China, Canada, France, Republic of Ireland, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

He advised the UK National Health Service on their ‘Healthy New Towns programme, providing guidance on how towns and cities can promote health and wellbeing and better support healthy lifestyles.

Marcus’s work links place-quality with business innovation, to foster economic growth and attract skilled jobs, including at Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District and Lancaster University’s Health Innovation Campus.

He has pioneered the use of Design Codes in the UK and provided training and best practice guidance to local authorities, elected members and the Planning Inspectorate.

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